Religious themes vital to sculpture in

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Religious art

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List of 10 Remarkable Religious Renaissance Paintings

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Religious faith has inspired some of the most impressive and wondrous works of art ever produced. This includes painting and sculpture, mosaic making, iconography, tapestry and carpet weaving. From India, China and the Middle East to Russia and Europe, sacred traditions are embodied, expressed and preserved in religious art.

Christian art is sacred art which uses themes and imagery from Christianity. Most Christian groups use or have used art to some extent, although some have had strong objections to some forms of religious image, and there have been major periods of iconoclasm within Christianity.

Early Christian art, for instance, favored the miracles of Christ, while his Baptism and Transfiguration became important in Byzantine art, and his preaching and parables were preferred in Northern Europe at the time of the Reformation. Religious symbolism and iconography, respectively, the basic and often complex artistic forms and gestures used as a kind of key to convey religious concepts and the visual, auditory, and kinetic representations of religious ideas and events.

Christ and the Christian as a philosopher is an important theme in Early Christian art. For example in a catacomb painting Christ as the philosopher is flanked by his disciples much like a representation of Socrates surrounded by his students.

Judaism: The BIG Themes Sponsored link. A. By virtue of their religion Jews have always been, and will always be, a minority. In a pagan world where everybody represented the divine visibly through sculpture, painting, or a natural object, Jews were taught that God was invisible.

Christian art

"A combination of a religious law, personal obligation.

Religious themes vital to sculpture in
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Religious Art: Definition, History, Types